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This is a common condition in such settlement agreements but both parties must sign such agreements, meaning that your former husband cannot unilaterally state what you will and will not be entitled to after your marriage has been legally dissolved. Settlement agreements signed by both spouses normally include something for the spouse who has agreed to forego future retirement benefits.

However, the absence of such consideration may not affect the legality of the agreement. It is hard to make a case after the fact that one spouse was forced under some kind of duress to sign the document in the first place. The second issue here is whether a divorce settlement can cover who gets future Social Security payments.

Anything But My Pension: Divorce Math

It can. This future flow of income represents an asset that can be apportioned like a house or other assets in a divorce settlement. Again, however, the details of any asset disposition must be spelled out in the agreement and signed by both spouses. Such benefits have no impact on his own Social Security entitlements. I thus have a hard time accepting the notion that such benefits somehow would be part of his retirement benefits.

If he has filed for his own retirement benefits, you are eligible to claim an ex-spousal benefit as early as age Are there going to be other cost implications of this Medicaid-to-Medicare transition?

What about my dental care, which I just re-started, after years of focusing on stroke recovery efforts? Medicaid covers some of this care but Medicare does not cover routine dental care. You can buy private dental insurance, but it provides modest benefits. You also may need a Medicare Part D plan to cover prescription drugs that were covered at no cost to you under Medicaid. Lastly, Part B of Medicare pays only 80 percent of covered expenses. It will protect you from catastrophic Part B exposure. Most MA plans also provide some dental coverage.

However, MA plans generally are the cheapest solution for someone in your situation. Our specialized knowledge can give an attorney practical insights to help negotiate key issues that impact distributions. We can provide a level of support on complicated issues, such as executive plans, that surpasses the ability of most other firms in this field who possess no actuarial expertise.

Because of our objectivity and technical expertise, our results stand up in courts in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, and throughout the United States.

Attorneys who do divorce cases often ask, "On what basis should a lawyer choose a valuation service? Is there any reason to select one service over another?

Pension Valuation and Appraisal in Divorce

PAC reports are all signed by an actuarial consultant. Firms with an unsigned report may utilize a clerk in performing these calculations. Often an unsigned report may be merely a computer generated one. PAC reports are signed by the actuarial consultant who performs the calculations. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act SCRA was passed in in order to combat a disturbing trend of military personnel having their child custody agreements altered during deployment resulting in a loss of parenting time. The SCRA grants the service member the right to postpone civil court hearings when military duties materially affect the ability of the service member to prepare for or be present for civil litigation.

Under the law, stay court proceedings also include administrative hearings. Application for stay does not constitute an appearance for jurisdictional purposes and does not constitute a waiver of any substantive or procedural defenses. When filing for divorce while one spouse is serving in the military, you need to make sure that the court you choose has jurisdiction.

You must file for divorce in a state where the military spouse is domiciled, where the military spouse is a resident, or where you and your spouse agree.

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Domicile is defined as your permanent home. You can keep a domicile even while not living there if you intend to return and permanently live there. If you are stationed overseas or married to someone who is, you can still file in the United States. The proper place to file is the state where you are domiciled or meet the residency requirements. A military pension is subject to division by state courts in divorce and property division proceedings.

Are Disability Pensions and Benefits Taxable Income? | Nolo

A pension is neither mandated nor automatic and is up to the states to decide whether it is marital or community property that is divisible. Military pensions are subject to division by state courts in divorce and property proceedings.

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A military pension is neither mandated nor automatic. It is discretionary with each state whether it is marital or community property that is divisible. Military medical insurance, known as TriCare, is available to military members and their dependents. The parties must have been married for 20 or more years, and 20 years of the marriage must have overlapped 20 years of creditable service.

If the rule is satisfied, a former spouse is eligible to receive TriCare as long as the former spouse does not remarry and has no coverage under an employer-sponsored health plan.