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But these people cannot currently have their records expunged — even if their cases ended with a favorable disposition, such as a not-guilty finding — without the assistance of lawyers, paralegals or law students helping them navigate the complex process. At this clinic, Marylanders seeking expungement of their records can connect with legal professionals who will assist them.

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Maryland Legal Aid is co-sponsoring the clinic. Hucker is seeking legal professionals, such as lawyers and paralegals, and law students to volunteer for the clinic.

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Today, anyone with a computer or smartphone can find publicly accessible detailed information about criminal, civil, and traffic court cases. If you have a civil, criminal, or traffic case in Maryland, you could probably look it up right now on that website. Having a visible record does have adverse consequences.

Potential employers may decline to consider anyone with a criminal history.

In a post world, background checks by government agencies are more common. Additionally, any private company that contracts to do work for a government office may require a security background check for any employee who will be working on government property.

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So, even a small private plumbing firm may need its employees to be screened before accepting a contract to do work in a government building. Many apartment buildings are also denying leases to people with records. If you had one or more criminal or traffic cases in Maryland, you might be entitled to have some or all of them expunged from your official record. Expungement may greatly limit the ability of other people to learn information about your prior cases.

Expungement may also prevent certain schools, employers, and government agencies from demanding information from you about cases that have been expunged.

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Yet, determining what cases are and are not eligible for expungement can be tricky. Under current state law, a charge is not eligible for expungement if one conviction in a group of convictions is not eligible for expungement. However, HB13 , sponsored by Del. The bill, previously introduced in the General Assembly, has been a topic in the legislature since Alphonso Smith of Baltimore wrote to lawmakers this year that he has been working at the Maryland Transit Administration as an operations instructor for 20 years.

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Along similar lines, HB19 , sponsored by Del. Cheryl Glenn, D-Baltimore, seeks to authorize individuals to file a petition for expungement if the person was convicted of a nonviolent crime. Another factor to consider is race, Barnes said. With higher conviction rates for persons of color, these individuals face exclusion from the job market, challenges finding stable housing, and other cyclical problems affecting communities of color, according to testimony from the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland.

Technological roadblocks are also a reason for opposition, according to representatives of the Maryland court system.