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In addition to Ceredo, many families in the Crum area, Cove Gap and elsewhere in the county supported the Union cause.

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Send to individual counties for records earlier than those years maintained by the state offices.

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Users can search the records and view scanned images of the original records. Not all of Wayne County records are scanned, but do check back with theis site frequently since this is an ongoing project.

Many other records are available at the State Archives, though few are online. In addition to the ongoing Research Records Project , which lists some birth, death, and marriage records, and the county records available of microfilm, other collections include newspapers on microfilm Ceredo Advance for these dates: March 31, September 30, ; November 1, December 28, ; January 1, August 11, ; the Kenova Reporter for these dates: June 9 December 25, ; January 3, December 25, ; and the Wayne County News for these dates: January December ; January December , naturalization records, special collections, and more.

Before , county clerks served as the sole local registrars and custodians of birth, death, and marriage for those events that occurred in their respective counties. It is likely that the official reporting and recording of births, deaths, and marriages was mandated from the creation of the state in , as it was the law in Virginia from which West Virginia was created beginning around However, due to the extreme rural nature of the population and the lack of coherent collection mechanisms, reporting was probably very "hit and miss" except around major cities.

Although in modern times it is extremely rare for a birth or death to go unreported, many births and deaths went unreported, although required by law, due to the lack of coherent collection mechanisms and what must have been a perceived lack of legal "utility". Many reports may have been more a matter of posterity than legal obligation.

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  • For example, there was no need for a birth certificate to prove age for Social Security purposes, because there was no Social Security. Most people did not have life insurance, so there was little need for a death certificate for that purpose. The biggest "push" for full reporting of births and deaths was due to the institution of sanitary reforms for the prevention of disease and the use of birth and death reporting in the census of the nation.

    The reporting of the health conditions surrounding birth and death played an important role in monitoring disease and the impact of the interventions. It was not until that as many births occurred in hospitals as occurred at home. The rise and proliferation of medical facilities, the increase in the number of trained physicians and other medical personnel, the professional training and licensing of funeral directors and embalmers and the need for legal proofs from birth certificates name, age, citizenship, parentage , death certificates, and marriage certificates all contributed to nearly complete reporting of vital events nationwide.

    Death records wayne county wv

    Access to West Virginia's vital records, both those held by the Vital Registration Office and those held by county clerks offices, is restricted by West Virginia Code and accompanying Rules. Both Code and Rules designate those who have a tangible interest and, thus, right to the copies of the records and makes allowances for others who can demonstrate the need for a record to prove a personal or property right. Restricted access applies to only those records of births for births less than years old and marriage and death records less than 50 years old.

    That is, birth records, other than information that would be deemed medical or is in some manner prohibited for release, older than years are "open access" records. Death and marriage records older than 50 years are "open access" records. In the case of a death record, any surviving relative who has a direct or tangible interest in the record, or his or her authorized representative.