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You will need to provide the following to the fingerprinting provider:.

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Applicants have the right to challenge their records. This is discussed in more detail Read the FBI's Notice. To check the status of a current background history request, please contact the CJIS Call Center at or , Monday-Friday a. Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

Importance of Criminal Background Checks in the Medical Field

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Timing of CHRC's. That speaks volumes. The most important thing a candidate should know is if there is something negative in their background that could be professionally damaging if discovered. It is best to make the people hiring aware of the information, Rosen says.

Importance of Criminal Background Checks in the Medical Field | Private Eyes Background Checks

The main impediment to disclosure is embarrassment and shame, says Dr. Tovar, who has encountered a number of physician candidates who have had problems. Those who disclose past issues are in a much better position to explain the situation and show how they have cleaned up a messy situation.

What are the Different Types of Background Checks?

Tovar says. Question: Do you have the right to know when an employment background check is done? Answer: Yes, if the background check is conducted by a third-party agency on behalf of the employer. The employer must obtain your consent in writing before the background check is performed. Q: Can an employer check your credit as a condition of employment? It will include information about credit payment history and other credit habits. It should be noted that many human resources professionals are reluctant to do credit reports unless it is relevant to the job. Some states Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii have restrictions.

How to Prepare for a Background Check

Q: Will background checks include old criminal convictions or arrest records? A: Criminal convictions can be reported indefinitely under federal law. The state you live in might offer more protection. The Fair Credit Reporting Act does not allow screening agencies to report an arrest that happened more than seven years ago.

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Q: Can a background check include medical information? A: Medical information requires your written consent and must be relevant to employment. Q: Are you entitled to a copy of your background check?

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A: Yes. When an employer informs you that a background check will be done, ask for the name of the screening agency. Contact the company and request a free copy of the report. Q: What can you do if the information in the background check is erroneous?

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A: Submit a written dispute with the company that conducted the screening. The company must investigate your claim and provide you with written results of what they find. Also, take steps to fix the inaccuracy at the source i.

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