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Undeterred, Obama announced his intention to nominate a new justice, even if Republicans want to deny the fact that he is the legally elected president of the United States for another 11 months. It would be dereliction of duty for him to do otherwise, of course, though Obama is not dumb enough to believe McConnell and his caucus can be persuaded to act on any nominee he proposes.

Republicans in Congress have repeatedly proven they cannot be shamed into doing the right thing and certainly not when they can use a court vacancy to rally their base in an election year. Obama understands that this is now entirely about political gamesmanship, and he has one big play to make that could significantly affect the election. Whom will he choose for his nominee? Will he name a strong liberal who would give Democratic partisans something to cheer about as the campaign roars into high gear?

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That is what many pundits predict and what Republicans have vowed to prevent. One wonders who would be willing to play such a role. Who would want to have his or her good name demolished by a relentless blitz from the right with virtually no chance of actually becoming a Supreme Court justice? Srikanth Srinivasan might be just such a candidate. In , the Senate approved the appointment of Srinivasan as a judge on the U.

Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Recent court rulings on presidential eligibility

The vote was 97 to 0. Srinivasan is said to be a non-doctrinaire jurist known for his brilliance and even-handed opinions. So when the questions came up, we made inquiries, and the only thing we got back was, is, there are no documents. In some states the secretary of state would have done it directly in their office, I suppose, but in Hawaii the identities are verified through the Office of Elections.

US supreme court refuses to hear Obama citizenship case

We had local candidates who would bring in birth certificates and passports and other documents to prove their identity. That was normal..

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  • When the claim ran as an exclusive at WND in January , the affidavit upon which it was based attested merely to hearsay and rumors. We investigate as thoroughly and quickly as possible and relay what we learn. Then another question arrives, and the race starts again.

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    Viral social media posts claimed members of the Trump family had been barred from running charities in the state of New York. Our report makes that a challenging argument to defend.

    SPRING 2008: The "birther" movement is born.

    That adjustments are made to records of climate is neither a scoop, nor a secret, nor a controversy. The question arises in light of the U. House of Representatives' launching of an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump in fall A request for prayers for the families of 30 U. You'll need a hanky to make it all the way through this sad viral video recounting the tragic life story of "Matrix" actor Keanu Reeves.

    Birther Lawyer Won't Stop Questioning Obama's Legitimacy Until the Last Court Dismisses Him | DCist

    Legend has it that the business savvy of "Mary Ann's" husband garnered her a lifetime of royalty payments. Social media users in the U. Claim A Hawaii state official recently came forward with proof that President Barack Obama's birth certificate was not legitimate. Rating False About this rating. Read it here.

    One of our loyal readers forwarded us a chain e-mail with several claims that we just couldn't pass up. In the article, the headline is further expanded upon, "Under growing pressure from several groups, Justice Antonin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments concerning Obama's legal eligibility to serve as President in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey.

    For a plethora of reasons, we didn't expect that this was a legitimate AP article, but we decided to check with them anyway. It is not, according to Jack Stokes, an AP spokesperson. Still, maybe, somehow, this forged article contains some factual information?

    Donofrio claimed that since Obama's father was a British citizen, Obama was granted dual citizenship at birth and therefore was not eligible to be elected President. The case was submitted to the Supreme Court, but the court did not agree to hear it. The first tidbit that tipped us off was that the e-mail said Justice Scalia announced that the court agreed to hear arguments.