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It has traditionally been used only for the provision of directory assistance, when dialing area code The central office code is also used for fictitious telephone numbers in North American television shows, films , video games , and other media in order to prevent practical jokers and curious callers from bothering telephone subscribers and organizations by calling telephone numbers they see in works of fiction. The traditional use of the office prefix was for directory assistance.

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Telephone companies began encouraging the producers of television shows and movies to use the prefix for fictional telephone numbers by the s. In television shows made or set in the mids or earlier, "KLondike 5" or "KLamath 5" reflects the old convention for telephone exchange names. Before "" or "KLondike-5" gained broad usage, scriptwriters would sometimes invent fake exchanges starting with words like "QUincy" or "ZEbra", as the letters "Q" and "Z" were not used on the old dial phones. These were an early form of regional tollfree number which required operator assistance.

Toll-free Directories

Only through are now specifically reserved for fictional use; the other numbers have been reserved for actual assignment. In , cartoonist Gary Larson 's The Far Side included a panel with graffiti of a number by which prank calls could be made to Satan. In Australia , was at the time a standard exchange, and the Australian owner of the number became the subject of harassment, launching an unsuccessful lawsuit against Larson and his syndicate for defamation.

The number "" or is a carryover from the "EXchange " "Exchange CENTral" number common in telephone advertisements as early as the s. Schwarzenegger's character replies that area codes would solve that problem and O'Brien's character drops the subject. The use of numbers helps to avoid use of valid numbers in works of fiction or entertainment, which is problematic. God's number was changed to a exchange prefix in the video release of the movie. The Alicia Keys song " Diary " contains a real number in New York's area code , an overlay , but does not indicate an area code; the same number in some other area code is a common misdial.

In the s, dialing , at least in the Washington, D.

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