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A self-addressed stamped envelope is necessary for the return of original documents after they have been recorded.

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Checks should be made payable to Sevier County Register of Deeds. This is collected on all conveyance documents, unless an exemption is claimed.

These are to be left blank for the Register of Deeds. By , John Chandler's distillery was producing 6, gallons of whiskey per year. A notable late arrival in Sevierville was Dr.

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Robert H. Hodsden — , who was an attending physician for the Trail of Tears. In , Hodsden began construction on a plantation near Fair Garden, just outside Sevierville to the east. In , a fire swept through Sevierville, burning a recently constructed courthouse, 41 houses, and several shops in the downtown area.

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The county lost nearly all of the vital records of its early settlers. Slavery was not common in Sevier County, although it did occur, especially at the large plantations along the French Broad River. Even before the American Civil War , Sevierville — a hotbed of abolitionist activity — was home to a relatively large community of free African-Americans.

In late , a pro-secession speech delivered by Henry Foote sparked an angry response in Sevierville and was followed by a series of explosive anti-secession speeches. The following year, pro-Union Knoxville newspaper editor Parson Brownlow gave a rousing anti-secession speech in Sevierville en route to a hideout in Wears Valley. Brownlow's audience remained gathered throughout the night after a rumor spread that Confederate forces were approaching.

Sevierville, situated at a major crossroads south of Knoxville, suffered consistent harassment, looting, and confiscation of property by both Union and Confederate forces moving through the town in and Vance Newman, a Union recruiting officer living in Sevierville at the time, later recalled:. A guard of rebel soldiers in threatened to burn my house, and the rebel soldiers so often threatened to take my life that I cannot particularize. They were always after me because of my Union sentiments.

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After Confederate General James Longstreet failed to retake Knoxville in the Battle of Fort Sanders , Union and Confederate forces quickly initiated a series of maneuvers to gain control of the strategic fords along the French Broad, culminating in an engagement near Hodsden's farm at Fair Garden in January Although the Union forces were victorious, they were later forced to retreat due to lack of supplies.

A state of general anarchy ensued that continued until the end of the war. The robbers have come at last, they robbed my husband of his pocketbook, money and papers and pocket knife. Times get worse everyday.

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We know not what will come next. I feel this morning like nothing but destruction awaits us. At the war's end, most of the county's few remaining Confederate sympathizers, most notably members of the Brabson family, were forced to flee. Sevierville recovered quickly from the war, with a number of new houses and businesses being built in the s. Two members of the town's African-American community — house builder Lewis Buckner — and brickmason Isaac Dockery — — played a prominent role in Sevierville's post-war construction boom.

Buckner designed a number of houses in the Sevierville area over a year period, 15 of which are still standing. By the s, Sevierville was growing rapidly, as was the population of Sevier County. In , the town had four general stores, two groceries, a jeweler, a sawmill, and two hotels. It was also home to the Sevierville Lumber Company, which was established to harvest trees in the area. Tourists also started to trickle into Sevier County, drawn by the reported health-restoring qualities of mountain springs.

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Resorts sprang up throughout the county, with Seaton Springs and Henderson Springs located just south of Sevierville. In , a vigilante group known as the "Whitecaps" was formed to rid Sevier County of vice.

The group wore white hoods to conceal their identities and used Ku Klux Klan -like tactics, although they were not considered a racist entity. The Whitecaps initially threatened women accused of prostitution, and the group began launching nightly attacks in the mids. In , Sevierville physician J. Henderson took over an anti-Whitecap group, which he renamed the "Blue Bills.

In , the Whitecaps' murder of a young Sevierville couple led to widespread outrage, and in , the Tennessee State Legislature banned "extra-legal conspiracies" and vigilante groups. Due to this measure and the efforts of Sevier County Deputy Sheriff Thomas Davis, the Whitecaps largely vanished by the end of the century. After a fire destroyed much of the downtown area in , businesses shifted from the old town square at Main Street to the new Sevierville Commercial District, viz. Court Avenue and Bruce Street, which centered on the new courthouse. In , Indiana entrepreneur William J.

Oliver finished work on the Knoxville, Sevierville and Eastern Railroad, which was Sevier County's first standard gauge rail line. Known as the Smoky Mountain Railroad , this line offered passenger service between Knoxville and Sevierville until With the opening of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in , tens of thousands of tourists began passing through Sevierville, which was situated about halfway between the park and Knoxville.

Entertainer Dolly Parton was born in Sevierville in Her Parton ancestors had migrated to Greenbrier sometime around and later moved to Locust Ridge near Pittman Center , where Parton was born, after the establishment of the national park. In more recent years, the town erected a statue of Parton on the lawn of the courthouse and named Dolly Parton Parkway after her.

Sevierville is centered on the stretch of land between these two junctions of the East and Middle Fork and the West Fork, known traditionally as Forks-of-the-Pigeon or Forks-of-the-River.

Situated in an area where the Foothills of the Great Smokies give way to the Tennessee Valley , Sevierville has long acted as a nexus between Knoxville to the north and the Appalachian towns in the mountains to the south. Due to its hilly terrain and the relatively poor roads of 19th-century Sevier County, a number of smaller communities developed independently along the outskirts of Sevierville. In addition, the United States Postal Service associates the name "Sevierville" with ZIP codes for much of Sevier County, including the town of Pittman Center and other geographically extensive areas located outside Sevierville's city limits.

Several major state and federal highways intersect in Sevierville. Route , commonly called "The Parkway," connects Sevierville with Knoxville to the north and the national park and Cherokee, North Carolina , to the south. The Sevierville section of U. Route traverses Sevierville from east to west, connecting Sevierville with Blount and Cocke counties. New user?


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