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To learn what other big changes were made, read on, but spoilers follow:.

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Her story begins with the perfect report card that prompted her parents to agree to a trip to Antarctica, and ends on that very continent. Instead, some of the correspondence from the book plays out like monologues, such as the scene in which Bernadette unloads on her architect peer Paul Jellinek Laurence Fishburne , or the scene in which her husband Elgin Billy Crudup discusses Bernadette with a shrink named Dr. Janelle Kurtz Judy Greer. Incensed by the snub, Audrey proceeds to claim that Bernadette ran over her foot, and she makes her version of the event widely known — not just by writing to her friend and fellow parent Soo-Lin about the incident, but by prompting the head of school, Gwen Goodyear, to send notes home with each student about pickup safety.

The scene helps set the stage for the tension between Bernadette her peers Audrey, Soo-Lin. Audrey dives to the ground as Bernadette screeches off, exclaiming that Bernadette ran over her foot. But we are made to believe that Manjula is taking care of the mountainous tasks delegated to her — she does in fact secure all the gear Bernadette needs for their trip to Antarctica. In the end, however, Manjula proves to be no Manjula at all.

In the movie : Though Bernadette is shown to value her isolation, there is no Petit Trianon. Instead, she disappears into the various rooms of the former school turned home she now occupies, known as Straight Gate. The article concludes with the only known project Bernadette has entertained since: an offer to build a customized treehouse as part of a Galer Street auction, which received no bids.

In the movie : During a rare trip outside of the house, Bernadette encounters a random architecture fan who informs her of a video essay available on YouTube highlighting her under-appreciated backstory. When Bernadette returns home, she watches a portion of the video essay, featuring interviews with some of her former peers including her friend Paul Jellinek. She returns to her office to find Detective Mike Chapman and a young woman named Lucy waiting.

Lucy was picked up the night before on an old warrant. After seeing a picture on the wall at the precinct she freaks out and refuses to talk.

At the behest of the captain, Mike brings her to Alex. What Lucy reveals could land Alex in trouble. When she was 14 Lucy was a star witness against a serial killer responsible for deaths in several different states. While under the protection of the FBI and the federal prosecutors, Lucy says she was sexually assaulted. Is Lucy telling the truth or just trying to have her old warrant to go away?

My third lawyer title is a work of nonfiction by Dan Bernstein.

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Justice in Plain Sight is the story of how the Riverside Press-Enterprise fought the state of California for open access to the judicial system. It was a fight that went all the way to the Supreme Court, twice. Newspapers were still the source of news for most people and the editor of the paper was committed to keeping readers informed.

He also believed that for the public to trust and have confidence in the government including the judicial system they needed open access. In California reinstated the death penalty and 2 years after that the California Supreme Court issued the Hovey ruling. Trial judges however interpreted the ruling very broadly and were closing courtrooms across the state. The Press-Enterprise lawyer routinely and unsuccessfully appealed each closing in Riverside County.

Then came the Norco case, a foiled bank robbery that resulted in the death of a county deputy.

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This case drew national attention and was a big story for the newspaper. The judge not only moved the case to San Diego County but also closed jury selection. The Press-Enterprise and Copley Press appealed the decision. The Court of Appeals ruled against them. When the California Supreme Court refused the case only one option remained.

This case was the beginning, 2 more times over the next 3 years the Press-Enterprise would petition the U. Supreme Court to hear appeals. The first was the Albert Brown case. Brown was accused of the rape and murder of a teen.

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In this case the judge not only closed voir dire jury selection but also ordered the transcripts permanently sealed. The third appeal would be for the Robert Diaz case. Diaz, a nurse, was accused of killing 12 patients with lidocaine overdoses. The judge in this trial closed the preliminary hearing. Bernstein is a retired reporter and his writing is concise.

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Each of the three crimes are covered briefly but you get a good feel for the case. Background on the major people and rulings involved give you an understanding of motivations and the judicial issues. He also covers extensively the workings of the Supreme Court and includes how each case was decided. His use of briefs, the notes when available from the justices themselves, and transcripts from the hearings give immediacy to the process. The lawyers and editors of the Press-Enterprise are unsung heroes and Bernstein does a good job bringing their story to life.

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A smart interesting character, action, and mystery in a story that pulls me in and keeps me turning pages. Mystery and suspense novels are some of my favorites. Elle is pretty, small in size and keeps herself in excellent shape. From her appearance to the cars she drives, Elle fits in to the neighborhoods she burglars. Part of her fitness routine is running and she uses daily runs in affluent areas to find her targets.

Elle needs cash and her last job netted her only some nice jewelry before the police showed up. Despite her close call she heads out the next day to find another target.


Once she picks a house, a second look convinces her no one is home and she enters through the attic. The master bedroom is the place she will most likely find what she wants. What she discovers is three dead bodies and a running camera that may have filmed the murder and now Elle. After watching the video and being pretty sure she cannot be identified, Elle makes copies of the full recording from the memory card. After hiding the 3 copies she puts the memory card back in the camera and erases the end starting just before she entered the bedroom.

She returns to the house and puts the camera back where she found it. She was quick but as she is leaving the police arrive but she manages to get out undetected. Her civic duty done, Elle is back home but she still needs cash. On her way she cruises by the murder house out of curiosity. The job is successful but when leaving she senses someone close. As a precaution she loops a long way around to get back to her car. With good driving and some luck, she manages to lose the black SUV tailing her.

Did the police spot her when she cruised by the murder house or is it someone else? To do that Elle needs to sell some of her acquired merchandise. The trip to Vegas gets her the money she needs but she now has two vehicles tailing her.