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The Texas Family Code, Sections 2. Both parties must be at least age 18 to enter into a common law marriage. First, a couple can file a legal "Declaration of Informal Marriage", which is a legally binding document. The form must be completed by both marriage partners and sworn or affirmed in presence of the County Clerk. The Declaration is formally recorded as part of the Official County Records by Volume and Page number, and is then forwarded by the County Clerk to the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics, where it is again legally recorded as formal evidence of marriage.

This is the same procedure that is used when a marriage license is issued and filed; the term "Informal" refers only to the fact that no formal wedding ceremony whether civil or religious was conducted.

Second, a couple can meet a three-prong test, showing evidence of all of the following:. Regarding the second prong, in the actual text of the Texas Family Code, there is no specification on the length of time that a couple must cohabitate to meet this requirement.

As such, an informal marriage can occur under Texas law if the couple lives together for as little as one day, if the other requirements an agreement to be married and holding out as married to the public can be shown. Likewise, a couple can cohabit for 50 years, but if they never have an agreement to be married, or hold themselves out to the public as married, their year cohabitation will not make them informally married under Texas law. Dissolution of this type marriage requires formal Annulment or Divorce Proceedings, the same as with the other more recognized forms of 'ceremonial' marriages.

New Hampshire recognizes common law marriage for purposes of probate only.

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In New Hampshire "[P]ersons cohabiting and acknowledging each other as husband and wife, and generally reputed to be such, for the period of 3 years, and until the decease of one of them, shall thereafter be deemed to have been legally married. The status of common law marriage in Utah is not clear. Government websites claim that common law marriage does not exist in Utah [56] but other legal websites state that "non-matrimonial relationships" may be recognized as marriage within one year after the relationship ends.

Marvin , or post-factum recognition of common law marriage is a subject for debate. In any case, Utah will only recognise the relationship if it has been validated by a court or administrative order: "[A] court or administrative order must establish that" the parties: 1 "are of legal age and capable of giving consent"; 2 "are legally capable of entering a solemnized marriage under the provisions of Title 30, Chap. Alabama abolished common law marriage effective January 1, Such a valid common law marriage exists when there is capacity to enter into a marriage, the parties must be at least 16 with legal parental consent and present agreement or consent to be married, public recognition of the existence of the marriage, and consummation.

Florida abolished common law marriage effective January 1, Marriages contracted prior to this date are not affected. Additionally, Florida recognizes valid common law marriages from other states. California Family Code Section provides that a marriage validly contracted in another jurisdiction is valid in California. All other states have similar statutory provisions. Exceptions to this rule are marriages deemed by the jurisdiction to be "odious to public policy ". Pennsylvania 's domestic relations marriage statute now reads: "No common law marriage contracted after January 1, , shall be valid.

Nothing in this part shall be deemed or taken to render any common law marriage otherwise lawful and contracted on or before January 1, , invalid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Common law marriage. UK Parliament. Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 28 February The National Law Review. Retrieved 15 September Are you accidentally married". The Blade.

Does Colorado Recognize Common Law Marriages?

Kansas Bar Assn. The Spruce. Retrieved 29 May Rhode Island.. Family Law".

New Hamp. Family Law. Archived from the original on 16 December Retrieved 14 September Archived from the original on 25 September Retrieved 17 September State of California ], No. Fifth Dist. July 13, The Washington Post. May 3, January 17, Thompson ], No. Pacific Daily News. Colorado is one of a few states where a couple can enter into a common law marriage, or a marriage without a license or a formal ceremony.

The requirements for a common law marriage are that the couple must: 1 cohabitate, 2 mutually agree to be married, and 3 hold themselves out as married. Lucero , P. A common law marriage in Colorado is another way of entering into a marriage - an alternative to a ceremonial marriage by which a couple will obtain a marriage license and then go through a ceremony. Per C. While cohabitation is a required element of common law marriage, no specific duration is required. And cohabitation, without more, is not sufficient to create a marriage.

But if that same couple lived together for just a few months, agreed to be married and held themselves out as married, they would have a common law marriage. The Colorado Supreme Court analyzed more than years of cases to come up with a list of what is required to prove a common law marriage exists:. People v. Beyond that, there is no one court case which conclusively sets forth the factors.

First, note from the question that a person claiming the existence of a common law marriage has the burden of proof to show that there is one. Valencia v. Northland Insurance Co. The court will need to conduct a hearing to determine the issue, at which the trial court will determine the facts based upon the credibility of the evidence. In re: Interest of Nugent , P.

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Note that judges scrutinize self-serving common law marriage claims carefully - they require pretty compelling evidence to find that a relationship is actually a common law marriage. Peery , P. A party asserting a common law marriage claim likely needs something close to unanimity of evidence, and have not claimed to the contrary, to have a decent chance of success.

In short, a common law marriage is not simply counting pieces of evidence for and against marriage. If there are three pertinent documents, two where a couple claims to be married and one where they claim to be single, there is no assurance a court would find a common law marriage exists. The reason for this requirement is to guard against fraudulent claims of common law marriage.

In addition to cohabitation and the couple holding themselves out as married, the Lucero court set out a variety of factors courts should consider when determining whether a common law marriage exists, including:. The trial court found no common law marriage, and the Court of Appeals confirmed, citing such factors as:. But as discussed below, joint taxes are not the only factor, just an important one. To reduce fraud, some private or educational institutions require proof of the common law marriage, either by showing joint tax returns, or filling out an affidavit swearing that a couple is married.

Again, note that the courts have no such requirement. An affidavit of common law marriage is just another piece of evidence for courts to consider when determining whether a couple is married. To put it bluntly, a couple may have ulterior motives for signing an affidavit of common law marriage, such as to obtain medical care. And while they may sign an affidavit to defraud an insurer, it takes more than that to prove a marriage exists.

In Whitenhill v. Kaiser Permanente , P.

Colorado Marriage

While the trial court found a marriage existed based solely upon the affidavit of common law marriage, the court of appeals found that was insufficient, and reversed, directing the trial court to consider all of the evidence for and against marriage. Would getting married in a ceremony negate a claim that the parties had a common law marriage prior to that ceremony? Probably not, even though the question obviously arises why they would need to get married again if they were already married.

Radovich , P.

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  5. Witness say that a couple held themselves out as married, but when filling out official documents, the couple refers to themselves as single. Probably the documents. In a decision, the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld a trial court determination that there was no common law marriage. In Little , the couple who were previously married then divorced lived together in separate bedrooms , ran a business together, and referred to each other as husband and wife to friends and co-workers.

    Every state has its own laws regarding common law marriages and only a few actually recognize this type of union. In the majority of states, it is still a requirement that you obtain a marriage license to be recognized as a married couple. Keep in mind that even within these states, the laws will vary. Any of the laws are also subject to change if the state's legislature sees fit to do so. To ensure that you know the current law in your state, contact an attorney or seek other legal advice regarding your particular situation. Some states only recognize common law marriages if they were created within a certain time frame.

    The term used is "contracted," meaning you have entered into a common law contract or agreement and followed the requirements set by that state. Notice how some states allow common law marriages before a certain date while others allow them only after a particular date. This grey area is another reason to reach out for local legal advice. Living together is one of them, but it isn't enough.

    There is a general agreement in the U. However, this has been challenged by a number of states. It is best to consult an attorney to make sure your common law marriage is recognized in the state where you are currently residing.