Visiting canada with an ohio dui

We're going to give you a breathalyzer test.

Dui Entry to Canada Set To Become More Difficult

Being from the U. You're even pretty sure that Canadian police need just cause, too.

Important Update

But you're wrong. While Canadian police have long used roadside " RIDE stops " to look for drunk drivers, a new law passed in has made it legal for them to test any driver they stop for any reason.

These reasons include speeding, a broken tail light, illegal U-turn, you name it. Police no longer need to smell alcohol or suspect that you may have been drinking. They can now test at will. Let's say you're not merely a traveler to Canada but an American who lives there full time. You come to Canada from the U. Now imagine you go out one night with a bunch of friends and end up having a few drinks.

A friend was the driver for the group, but gets very drunk.

Can You Travel to Canada with OVI?

You decide to drive the car home because you've only had a couple of beers and think it would be safer. Then you're pulled over for not using your turn signal. You end up blowing over the legal limit on a breathalyzer and, after a stem-winder legal case, you find yourself back in your hometown of Seattle. Not only is your Canadian life effectively over, but you can't even visit the place without applying for a special permit. What happened? With the passage of the new impaired driving laws in , Canada now regards impaired driving as a serious offense. It does not matter if you cause an accident or hurt someone.

Being legally impaired behind the wheel is enough. The maximum sentence has been increased from 5 years to 10, putting it in the serious offense category. This is important for permanent residents because a serious offense conviction puts their status in danger. Permanent residency comes with the understanding that a serious criminal offense will likely have you deported from Canada, no matter how long you've lived and worked in the country. In this Dec.

Lawmakers in the state approved the 0.

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Gary Herbert signed it into law. The change goes into effect Saturday, Dec.

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In a booth in the corner, recent Ohio transplant Wheatley said he drinks to try new craft beers, not to get drunk. He's skeptical that the law will be a serious deterrent for binge drinkers. Suppose you are from Boston and your daughter is marrying a Canadian. You pack your best outfit for the wedding and drive to Niagara Falls to cross the border. At the border, an old DUI conviction pops up on the official's computer. The guard tells you that 1 you won't be attending your daughter's wedding this weekend and 2 you will need a temporary resident permit to enter Canada in the future.

You protest that the conviction is 15 years old and you haven't been in trouble since. The guard tells you to turn around all the same.

Come to the United States!

If you want to see the wedding, it will be by Face Time. This scenario happens more often than you may think. You may be required to go through a fairly complex procedure and fill out complicated paperwork, which can take some time.

If you have upcoming international travel plans, working with one of our experienced DUI lawyers can help to ensure that the required paperwork is processed correctly and completed well in advance of your travel dates. Because of our long shared border with Canada, travel between the two countries is common. If you plan to travel to Canada , you should know that our neighbor to the north has some of the toughest restrictions on the admission of anyone with a criminal history—and that includes a DUI conviction—even one charged as a misdemeanor.

Nevertheless, with advance planning, you may be able to obtain permission to enter Canada by one of the following means:.

Entering Canada with A DUI | Can I enter Canada? | Canada DUI

If an American citizen needing to enter Canada with a DUI cannot wait ten years to obtain a Rehabilitation Permit, a Temporary Resident Permit can sometimes solve the problem and gain your permission to enter the country. This is good for one entry only. The Temporary Resident Permit will need to be renewed for any subsequent trips to Canada. You may petition the Canadian Government for the forgiveness of a prior DUI conviction if five have passed since you completed your sentence, including payment of fines, DUI school, community service, probation, and any other penalty to which you were sentenced.

This is often the best option for most visitors to Canada with a single misdemeanor DUI in the distant past. In many of these cases, Canada will lift the DUI restriction after ten years if. The Deemed Rehabilitation requires that you demonstrate that ten years have passed since you completed all DUI penalties, including jail time, fines, and probation and there have been no repeat offenses. A Deemed Criminal Rehabilitation permanently lifts any restriction on entering the country.

If you plan to travel to Canada, consult an attorney well in advance of your expected travel date to determine if you qualify for any of the permits listed above. Mexico may be unpredictable, due to the frequency with which laws change. Usually, one misdemeanor DUI will not keep you out; however, a felony conviction could be grounds for exclusion. The European Union does not make a DUI a prohibited offense, so you should not face restrictions traveling to much of Europe—those countries that are currently EU members.

For the time being, that includes the United Kingdom; but that may change once Brexit British withdrawal from the EU is complete in a couple of years.