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In our searches we have frequently run into incorrect name spellings, which can sometimes make it harder to find the individual you are looking for. The Social Security Administration holds microfilmed copies of every Social Security application and claim file. Be sure to choose the photocopy option rather than the computer extract.

How To Report A Death To Social Security

Anytime a record is transcribed or abstracted, it introduces the opportunity for error. Just provide what you do have. If you do not know the social security number of the requested individual, fill out as much birth and parental information as you know. If your ancestor is recently deceased and is not in the SSDI, you must provide proof of death. If you cannot provide proof of death, the SSDA will only release SS-5 records for individuals who were born over years ago.

How do I report the death of a Social Security beneficiary?

In addition, parent names will be redacted unless the parents provide written consent, death of the parents is provided, or the number holder was born more than years ago and has been proven to be deceased. One of the great things about SS-5 records is that they contain information that was most likely communicated directly by the ancestor.

The application form will likely include the following information as of the date of application:. One additional online database should be included in any discussion of records of the Social Security Administration. These are extracts of claims filed with the Social Security Administration, and include life claims for disability or retirement benefits, death claims for survivor benefits, applications for a replacement SS card, or applications for changes to a SS card e.

An example from my own personal family research that shows how these records can be utilized is the case of Priscilla Fay Bolling.

Social Security Survivors Benefits (What you need to know)

It provides her death date as 9 March , and she was buried in Bosque, Texas. But when was she born, and who were her parents?

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Her birth in also corresponded roughly to what was known. Her SSDI entry, however, provides no information on where she was born or who her parents were. A search of the Social Security Applications and Claims Index reveals the same woman, but with significant additional information. This index entry provides a slightly different birth date—7 January —in Stephensville, Texas.

It also includes parental information claiming her father was Elvis N. Jones and her mother was Cora E. Priscilla had several name changes. According to her index entry, Priscilla Fay Bolling registered for a social security card in November , changed her name to Priscilla Fay Ripley in January , and changed her name to Priscilla Fay Reedy on 24 January Then mail the notification documents to the credit bureaus at the addresses below.

For your convenience, we've developed the following sample letters for your use. One of the letters may be used to notify the credit bureaus. The other may be used to inform a creditor or collection agency of suspected identity theft involving a deceased person's information.

Enclosed please find one copy of decendant's death certificate. If you have any questions, you may contact me by telephone at [phone number] or by email at [email address]. Enclosed please find a copy of decendant's death certificate. If you have any questions, you may contact me by telephone, at [phone number] or by email at [email address]. This fact sheet is for informational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice or as policy of the State of California.

If you want advice on a particular case, you should consult an attorney or other expert. The fact sheet may be copied, if 1 the meaning of the copied text is not changed or misrepresented, 2 credit is given to the California Department of Justice, and 3 all copies are distributed free of charge.

Using the Records of the Social Security Administration

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Home About. The DMF was first created in and contains every person with a Social Security number who has been reported dead to the Social Security Administration from onwards or who had died prior to but still had active Social Security accounts in Social Security numbers are assigned to citizens, permanent residents, and employed temporary residents of the United States.

The Social Security Administration issues these numbers for the purpose of tracking individual Social Security and, secondary, for identification regarding taxation, employment, and other services.

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The New Deal was the result of the Great Depression and the creation of Social Security was intended to provide for older citizens, as the United States had no national insurance system in place at that time. The program differed fundamentally in scope from other New Deal programs, which were intended to last for less than a decade. The Social Security Act, however, introduced a permanent system, funded by payroll taxes and formed the basis for the welfare system in the United States, designed to provide aid for older citizens, needy minors, the unemployed, and the handicapped.

Prior to , it was common for individuals to receive Social Security numbers around age 14 as they were primarily used for tracking income. The age was lowered to two in and to one in Today, parents usually apply for Social Security numbers for their children on the same form used to apply for their birth certificates.

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If you have military ancestors, it may be useful to know that Social Security numbers were used as identification numbers for members of. Since the start of the Social Security program, over million Social Security numbers have been issued.

The Social Security Administration does not reuse numbers and has said it has enough remaining numbers to last several generations without the need to reuse or change the makeup of the Social Security numbers. As you start your research, however, it should be noted that there have been incidents of more than one person being accidentally assigned the same Social Security number. The first three numbers, the area number, are determined by geographical region of the local Social Security office where it was issued, prior to This does not mean that the individual lived in the place where the card was issued as, at that time, you could apply for a card at any local Social Security office.