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It took about 5 minutes to set whole thing up. As I mentioned at the onset of this review, perhaps the best thing is that the Fast Track Pro provided an economical solution to my needs. Since the Fast Track Pro is designed for musicians to record themselves, the sound quality has to be a step up. I'm pretty happy to have found this unique, inexpensive solution and put it to use. Read full review. This is another unit of production of M-Audio features small size, the quality of the analog-digital process, the presence of two microphone inputs.

Are supported by phantom power. The interface has its own software.

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The device connects to the connector USB. The main advantage of the device, in my opinion, is ergonomic to use. This is a very good option for outbound DJ or for home work a normal user who appreciates quality external sound card.

Why you bought it? I'm using the fast track pro with Garageband ' It is very easy to setup and the software automatically recognizes it. So far I have only recorded with an electric guitar; haven't tried two track recording, microphone or the midi channel. I had to use the RCA outputs to get a good signal to my stereo system for monitor. Don't worry about the green signal light when playing electric guitar, it flickers but you will know by the monitor whether your connections and settings are correct.

I would recommend this for any novice who wants a quick, easy-to-use interface. Recording quality is great if you use good cables.

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The usb seems to handle two way traffic well and there is almost no delay in the monitor feedback which helps you stay in time. I have not used any comparable devices, bu t I think this one is good for the money. I bought this unit as part of a package with ProTools MP9 in order to upgrade my home studio. The unit seems to be a good solid unit that has several nice features over the similar M-Audio Pre.

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The one specific problem I've had with it so far is that both the M-Audio Fast Track and the accompanying ProTools MP9 claim they record at 96 khz, but the most I've been able to adjust them to is 48 khz. So the upgrade I'd hoped for has been a slight one. Still, for the price I guess that wasn't bad.

ProTools MP9 comes with a User's Guide that's pages long, so the learning curve on that software is pretty steep, but I feel like the M-Audio Fast Track itself is truly pretty simple and straight forward, and it seems to do what it's supposed to. I bought this product because I had been wanting to make better recordings on my computer and my sound card just wasn't cutting it. My friend said I needed a pre-amp so I decided on this one because of the relatively low price and it looked easy to use.

Well at first I was very confused with this product, I had to go download a driver to make it work with Vista and then it took me a little while and some interenet surfing to get it up and running but once I did I was as happy as could be. Having to go download drivers for newer operating systems was a bit of a hassle but it was more than worth it. M-Audio's website was easy to use and told you exactly which driver you needed.

They installed quickly and this thing records wonderfully. It comes with a USB cable and it will run off of that so no power supply needed unless you're not going to record using the USB. The pre-amps are extremely quiet so you have nearly no static or white noise in your recordings.

Navigation menu

You should have a setting menu in the computer. Make sure you're setting the correct input channel on Logic as well. Midi Time Code is something else.

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You need to go to the settings of the audio card don't know where is in a Mac, on a PC you have the Control Panel, but you should have some sort of dedicated software from the Fast Track. You need to set the sampling rate at But , than Logic says : I am returning back this pathetic ,worthless fast track pro Scarlet is compatible only with OS One more thing before bringing back fast track.

Where on Kemper is frequency adjusting I remember I saw it few times, but it was set on hz.?

spdif doesn'r work with fast track pro

Or I am missing something here?? Logic stop every two seconds with this message , while each and every previously and this new Logic record is out of tune -flat and tempo-slower Itunes work fine error while trying to synchronize audio and Midi : sample rate recognized check conflict between Logic Pro and external device From other side all 3 devices claim they work on 44,1 kHz??? So from where these might come up??? I got also a fast track pro and that thing sucks.

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I cannot change the sample rate on the Kemper up to 48 Khz and also cannot change it down to There is even an option on the Audio and Midi Settings on the mac to change this, but if I go there and try to change the sample rate on the Fast Track Pro I just don't get anything else than 48 kHz. In the Setup window that opens, follow the installation steps suggested. Press Next. Review and then choose I accept the terms in the License Agreement , and press Next. In the following window, press Install.

Allow the installation to complete.

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You may get a Windows Security box that pops up. If so, choose Always trust software from "inMusic Brands, Inc. When the installation completes, choose Finish in the window that appears.