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Under Taiwanese law , household registration guarantees an individual the right of abode in Taiwan, and the ability to fully exercise their civil and political rights , such as the right to vote.

Thus, the term national with household registration is sometimes used to refer to a citizen in official documents. Later regimes including Kingdom of Tungning and the Qing Taiwan administration maintain similar registers on local family profiles of the Taiwanese people. In these eras, registers on families were also used to organize Taiwanese people to conduct civil defense , known as the Hoko system. The system existed until the era of Japanese rule.

In early 20th century, era of Japanese rule , the Government-General of Taiwan started to build very thorough household registration records for both families and persons, like the Koseki system implemented in Mainland Japan. The census in Taiwan was conducted in , with the complete household registration records compiled in the next year according to the new law.

The records established in forms the basis of modern household registration after the World War II until today. After the World War II , the competent authority household registration moved to civil administration authority.

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However, with the large amount refugee of the Chinese Civil War fled to Taiwan , the National Identification Card was issued first time in Taiwan in to enhance the social control. The democratization process in Taiwan was started in early s. Household registration was made independent of the Police authority since July The nationwide computer system on managing household registration was established in October Registration records were digitized in the early s.

The current Household Registration Act requires reporting of the following status changes: [6].

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The household registration authorities also in charge of issuing identity documents for persons and households, important documents includes:. Other official copy of specific household registration records, including marriage certificate , divorce certificate, records of marriage, records of address changes, records of name changes are also available to apply in a Household Registration Office.

Note that under the current Taiwanese nationality law , a person with Taiwanese nationality does not necessarily have household registration. Although a national without household registration is eligible to apply for a Taiwan passport , these passports differ from those issued to Taiwanese citizens with the former having far more restrictions than the latter.

Taiwan records almost 1,200 gay marriages, 2 divorces since May 24

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