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I got sole custody because he was using drug and got arrested for child endagerment. I am trying to get the back support dropped. What paper work do i need to file to stop payment which the child support offuce is holding. My ex wife got custody of my son he turns 17 in September and I still have 2 years of child support to pay and my son refuses to live with me in the state of Colorado or my ex wife she also is in colorado, he took off to live with his girlfriend in Washington state, can my son be emansipated?

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What should I do?? My ex wife got custody of my son he turns 17 in September and I still have 2 years of child support to pay and my son refuses to live with me or my ex wife he rather live with his girlfriend in Washington state, can my son be emansipated?

What options do I have? OAG child support division was hit and miss…after about 4 calls with four different people, finally got a straight answer. The support in Texas has not automatically stopped. Child is 18 and has graduated. We have had to spend hours at the freaking courthouse.

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  5. Complete crap! Our daughters together are suffering financially because of the messed up court system. The mother had to sign off on the paperwork when she had submitted forms saying no arrears on prior withholding and payments were through the state. She is now evading constable to serve her costing us more money.

    Can a Person Get a Divorce in Florida Without the Consent of the Other Party?

    We already have car payments and insurance plus supporting these children in addition to paying the bimbo to not do it. Please help,,,,,,,, My son will be thirty this year has a collage degree…. Since he was eighteen have have paid thru the courts almost 30, Do I need a lawyer or what should I do??? The child support office has stop taking money out of my check but in July I have a Family services of Missouri handled my child support.

    My daughter turned 21 on April 6th. FSM says I must still pay for the entire amount for the month of April. Yet the laws covering this, state the obligations are over when the child reaches 21 unless otherwise ordered by a judge to continue or arrears are due.

    Notices of Compliance

    So why must I keep paying? Is this right? What Can I do to stop this? My husband recieved a form from CSS completed by the mother of his children. What does that mean? I live in New York. I have a son who is 20 yrs old. Can he be emancipated based on his income, though he is 20 yrs old? In the state of Texas, would like to know my right and how can I go by terminating child support. My daughter has dropped out of school as of a year ago and is only 17 she also has moved out of mothers house and living with others for over 6 months now.

    What can I do legally to terminate without needing to have a lawyer and fees… Our case was private within the Greg County district clerks office not With the Texas State District.

    Florida Divorce DO's and DON'Ts

    Children live with father for years mother agrees to sign off on court ordered child support that she has gotten for years. How do we go about stopping the child support order? There is no emancipation in the state of MA I am a step mother that took very very good care of my stepson for 16 years. But due to his mother almost loosing her home, and at the age of 16 he came to us and asked if we would mind that he gets a part time job which was mainly on weekends so we accommodated his request.

    We have not spoken to him maybe twice since.

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    During this period his mother in the midst of loosing her home, that was my husbands fault even though she was swamped with debt had her daughter living in her home with her partner. Well she proceed to take my husband back to court for more child support. So her child support got raised child is 18 at this point , my husband as NO right to know anything about what his son is doing e. And Thanks to the wisdom of the Commonwealth of Mass. Now he is 20 and we are still paying! Child Support In February of , when my son who turned 19 years old I petition the court to stop my child support which was granted.

    Now several months later, the mother has petition the court to have the order re-open to continue receiving child support. The state of Alabama only states to the age 19 and nothing at all stated concerning the child to still attending high school. Is this correct although the state does not even discuss it or have no guidelines concerning this issue. After researching the topic, states the judge can use his discretion on matters like this.

    Father how can I get my Driver License back to me my son is 21 year old this year, he not in college and he not in the arm forces and the child support is still making me pay child support for another year, he does not live with her he live with her uncle, what can I do to pay off my child support to get my driver license back, I have call the child support to send me a payment book and they will not send it to me.

    Please I need to get a Attorney that will fight for me to get my license back I want to pay off my child support. I have so many questions.

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